HYBRID courses meet for three classes; online assignments complete the course
ALL courses earn 3 graduate credits (worth 67.5 PDPs) through ENDICOTT COLLEGE
Professional Development courses are priced
at $ 225.00 per credit/$ 675.00 per 3 credit course

Registration and payment for HYBRID courses take place at the first class meeting.

EDPU 595       The Creative Common Core (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
Instructor:  Christopher R. Paniccia (pre-register at cpaniccia@cox.net)
Location: Jenmarc Office 1350 Belmont St #101 Brockton, MA – at 4:15PM
Thursdays, February 6, 27 and March 6 plus online
The course surveys the current research on the use of the Common Core in the classroom with a focus on the use of creative lessons in the classroom.  The course provides knowledge and practice regarding the educator’s role related to the Theory Implementation Process, curriculum training and development, as well as professional collaboration.   The course will study components of effective collaboration with parents, educators, and administrators.  The nature and characteristics of creative lessons in the classroom with regard to services and programs will be reviewed.

EDPR 598 Modern Educational Philosophies and Values (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
Instructor: Fran Garcea 
Location: Stonehill College, Stanger Hall, Room 209 at 4:15PM

Wednesdays, February 26 March 5 and 26 plus on-line (REGISTER AT FIRST CLASS)
This course covers the major philosophical issues that bear directly upon education and values formation.  The works of philosophers such as Plato, Locke, Kant, Dewey, and others who have influenced education will be reviewed as well as several systems of modern educational philosophy. The course will focus on how modern social values are determined in modern educational contexts.

EDPM 556 Learning, Literacy and Life  (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
Instructor:  Fran Garcea     
Location: Stonehill College, Stanger Hall, Room 209 at 4:15PM

Wednesdays,  April 2, 9 and May 7 plus on-line (REGISTER AT FIRST CLASS)
“Literacy is more than just the ability to read; it encompasses writing, speaking, solving problems and attaining the proficiencies to function in the family, in school, in the workplace and in society.” (The Workforce Investment  and National Literacy Acts) This course seeks to develop tools and activities to strengthen the literacy skills of all students by targeting instruction and life-skill models. 

EDPV 501       School Violence: A Positive Solution (3 graduate credits) (NEW COURSE)
Instructor: Christopher R. Paniccia (pre-register at cpaniccia@cox.net)
Location: Jenmarc Office Classroom, 1350 Belmont St #101, Brockton – at 4:15PM
Thursdays, April 3, 17 and May 1 plus online
The course surveys the current research on School Violence to increase educator awareness and knowledge of behavioral issues such as: behavior, substance and physical abuse, depression, bullying, and alienation.  The course educates and prepares educators, other school personnel, and parents on the warning signs of impending violence, the best practices for violence prevention, intervention, and resources for continued support. Curriculum development, non-violent school climate, and classroom management techniques are introduced in order to enhance violence prevention in schools.  Warning signs and intervention techniques are also reviewed from a school and a household perspective to increase community support.

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