ONLINE courses begin anytime before April 10. Work must be completed by May 15.
Grades will post in the SPRING 2014 Semester before May 17.
ALL courses earn 3 graduate credits (worth 67.5 PDPs) through ENDICOTT COLLEGE
Professional Development courses are priced at
$ 225.00 per credit/$ 675.00 per 3 credit course.


EDPF 523:  Bullying Intervention and Prevention for Teachers, Counselors and Administrators
Endicott College              3 graduate credits           Jon Garcea, CAGS - Instructor
This course is designed to support teachers, administrators, and school personnel in understanding bullying. It will focus primarily on the need for the classroom, school, and school community to remain safe places for students to live and learn. This course provides the participants an opportunity to reflect on laws, pertinent case studies, and current practice, as well as integrate new strategies to more effectively support students and their families. Content areas covered are the bully, the bullied, the bystander, cyber-bulling, and indicators of bullying.

EDPA 530:  Effective Schools
Endicott College              3 graduate credits           Laureen Florio - Instructor
Within modern society effective education is viewed as a crucial component to progress and development as a whole. Schools which embrace this idea and effectively facilitate the learning process are viewed as models for the present and future. Characteristics of these schools range from strong leadership to high student expectations and should be analyzed to better the education of all. In this course you will explore the core values and workings of these effective schools and research modern methods critical to developing an exemplary educational experience in today’s learning-centered world.

EDPT 540: Promoting Literacy Across the Curriculum
Endicott College              3 graduate credits           Matt Auger, CAGS - Instructor
This course is an exploration of new definitions of literacy and strategies for integrating reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and visually representing) across subject areas in elementary, middle and high schools. Literacy research will be examined, and students will create and design strategies to integrate literacy skills, in the context of subject area instruction in their own classrooms.


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